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The Demon Angels provide networking, access to high quality and interesting deal flow, education for investor development and community support.

Membership Agreement & Fees

Members are required to complete the Membership Agreement, conduct themselves in a professional manner as outlined, and pay an annual fee of $2,500 in a timely manner. An investors minimum to be finalized in 2021 with a current suggestion of $25,000 per year.

Membership Expectations

  • Attend quarterly meetings

  • Source deals

  • Attend investor calls and earnestly consider funding investment opportunities

  • Provide feedback regarding prospective investment in areas where the member has expertise

  • Offer to mentor entrepreneurs in areas where the member has expertise

  • Participate in due diligence teams

  • Participate in training offered by the Demon Angels

  • Embrace Demon Angels​ values​

  • Annually confirm their status as SEC Accredited Investors

Please take the opportunity to attend a deal presentation prior to becoming a member. To meet like-minded investors and experience a presentation, join us by Contacting Us

Meeting Location

Meetings are held via online conferencing and will include face to face meeting in the future.

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